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Recently, the IEEE 802.3 committee published the 2016 version of the Ethernet Roadmap that highlights the slow progress of new Ethernet standards. It good to get some visibility here so that it can be included in your own design strategy.

The 2016 Ethernet Roadmap shows the latest developments in Ethernet and contains historical information as well as estimates for when future speeds may become available. The roadmap shows new technologies such as Flexible Ethernet (FlexE), new optical modules and 4-Pair PoE. Ethernet nomenclature is also explained and the Ethernet Ecosystem of consumer, residential, enterprise, campus, hyper-scale data center and service providers is revealed. The map is beautifully drawn and packed full of information.

Front of Map


Back of Map


I think most network engineers and designers should keep a copy of this document in their favourite document storage system for reference but keep in mind that the IEEE 802.3 committee is slow, unpredictable and prone to endless delays. Add that into your planning.


Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-3


Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-4


Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-5


Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-6

Hyperscale Quadrant Graphics

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-7

Campus Graphics

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-8

Residential Graphics

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-9

Hyperscale Datacenter

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-10

Featuerd ARP Working

Featured NAT PAT Configuration

Campus Quadrant

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-11

Residential Quadrant

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-12

Service Provider Quadrant

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-13

Service Provider Graphics

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-14

Graphics of Road

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-15

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-16

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-17

Future Speeds

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-18

Graphs with Bottom Legend

Ethernet Roadmap Graphic-19

(Note: All above images have been extracted from Scott Kipp's presentations for Ethernet Alliance )




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