How Did Cisco Save Me from Cyber Security Nightmares?

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I am Mr. Secure and run a business company. I used to feel secure due to having the basic security for data, network, and devices of my infrastructure. I believed that --

"No one will be interested in attacking on our data, network, and devices. So I need not to not worry about the security much and -- Why to waste a lot of money on securing all these? I am making money. My team is performing fantastically. My business growing."

"…. Why to make fuss about security? After all I have so many other more important things to do."

One fine day recently…. I, my team, and all the clients were not able to access our company website. We soon found that our network was breached, and our website had been hacked. All the important & confidential data of the company, website, and its users was in the hands of attackers (read, Hackers). This turned out to be a classic case of ransom, as they now wanted me to pay them _____ a certain amount of money, I was communicated that they, otherwise, would reveal or sell the data to my competitors. This left me with no choice, but to pay the money to attackers. So I had to pay the money to them and then I was granted back access to my own website & data.


But I was left wandering and worried about my business, users, information and other IT assets. I could no longer feel secure, in fact, I was apprehensive to realize that--

Yes, this can happen again! ... Any time!!

That night when I was sleeping, the Hacker GOD, appears in my dream. He started laughing loudly at me.

"Do you still think -- your business is really safe?," and he said, "Thank you, for paying the money. I now will be able to recruit more hackers in my team".

"The HACKING industry is growing very very rapidly. We now have highly professional attackers, and with the generous contributions of people like you…", he tells me, "We are hiring more hackers for The Attackers Army."

Hacking become an industry

"No business is really safe," he said, "See! Here is success of one attack, named Angler. How much money it generated for us, of course from ransom? Angler is still earning money for us."

Angler attack

"We use highly advanced technologies, malware, professional attackers and other resources for attacking at our targets and we, indeed, can damage them severely."

Types of Maleware and Attack Techniques

"It is just like a trailer of the complete film," Hacker GOD says, "We will meet you again soon. Good Luck till then!"

I was gasping for my breath and it was the sound of alarm which came to rescue me. Thank God! It was a dream only. But I knew for sure that I need to do something, before this dream turns out to be a real-life business-nightmare again.

I knew any day, anytime this can happen again. I was terrified by the dream. Then I decided to build a proper security for my business and made it my first priority. Immediately, I started out searching for IT Security experts, and one of my friend recommended me about Cisco.

It prompted me to research about Cisco and its IT security offerings. Soon, I could gather the following data or facts about Cisco security.

Cisco Leader in Breach Detection

Cisco Market Recognition

My research made me progressively convinced of Cisco, as the leader among integrated IT Security systems.

I was compelled enough to contact and invite the Cisco Security Team to discuss about our security requirements.

Soon, one Mr. John, a Cisco Security Expert visited my office with his team.

"Hello, Mr. John! I need your help to secure our company data, network, and devices," I told them.

I also explained them about what had actually transpired with us lately.

Mr. John assured me that I need not worry much any longer. He also reinforced a point that hackers and cyber criminals, etc. have become much more organized than ever and are generating more sophisticated attacks. Our legacy technologies, devices and methods are not sufficient for defending against these attacks.

Security is not optional, it's a requirement.

He enlightened me about why Cisco's integrated security solutions and services are so robust.

The following key market trends are heavily contributing to the IT security paradigm of today:

  1. The whole world has gone mobile. It is expected that during 2013-2019, there will be 10x growth in mobile traffic.
  2. There is ubiquitous access to Apps for mobile devices -- be it smartphones, tabs, laptops, etc. It is predicted that we will see 200 billion downloads of these apps in 2016.
  3. There is huge rise of cloud computing and that is forcing companies to change their business models, architectures and service delivery.
  4. Because of major developments in the field of IoT, there is massive increase in number of connected devices. It effectively means that a huge number of people are connected together, huge number of processes are connected together, unbelievably large quantum of data is being generated and shared, and of course, things (e.g. car, TV, watch, camera, and all short of devices).

All these market trends coupled with following dynamics of IT landscape are causing the actual security problems we are facing:

  1. Changing Business Models
  2. Dynamic Threat Landscape
  3. Complexity and Fragmentation of IT solutions

Security challenges

All these factors are strong indicators of unprecedented growth in IT Security market:

Mr. John further explained me --

Cisco believes that all above mentioned security challenges coupled with the fact that companies essentially need to maintain their operational focus, while dealing with severe shortage of talent among their IT personnel, would require much improved outcomes from their IT security infrastructure. Cisco points out that the security solutions have to embed the following key features in their offerings:

Global Threat Intelligence

Considering all these requirements, Cisco has taken it Threat Intelligence Systems to unprecedented length-n-breadths, which is now based upon world-wide collective security intelligence pool, via cloud. This system is now not only doing threat-intelligence around the clock (24x7), but it also doing threat-research and generating response to all identified threats.

The collective security intelligence is not only using the Cisco's proprietary intelligence databases, it is also including world's other well-known community threat databases. Over 100 TB data of security intelligence which is emanating from more than 1.6 million deployed security devices, is being assessed, analyzed, researched DAILY.

To facilitate this level of execution, Cisco has built SOCs, Security Operations Centers, worldwide which are doing real-time analyses and providing Predictive analytics. Currently, they are operational at 5-locations: Austin (USA), Raleigh (USA), Dubai, Krakow and Sydney. These SOCs are not only doing Incident Response Analysis, they are also escalating newly identified incidents worldwide, they are also doing remediation and making recommendations.

  • Cisco's Worldwide Security Operation Centers
  • soc2
  • soc3
  • Cisco Security Operation Centers - Threat Intelligence
  • Cisco Security Operation Centers - On-Premise Solutions

Cisco Threat Intelligence

Mr. John also made a point of mentioning that CISCO has been a continuous & close observer of key innovations taking place in IT Security technologies, as it made numerous attempts to achieve cohesion and organic growth of innovation in technology.


Cisco Security Products and Services Portfolio




The most interesting part of Mr. John's presentation to me was yet to follow.

He explained to me that all of Cisco's security products & services make 3-most powerful distinctions of:

Cisco Security Differentiation


What is Managed Threat Defense (MTD)?

Managed Threat Defense rapidly detects and responds to security events which are collected by the expert-staffed at security operations centers (SOCs). They gather these security events by analyzing the network traffic, evaluating security telemetry and also use global intelligence. MTD facilitates managed services which provide threat detection, confirmation, mitigation and remediation.

Additionally, Managed Threat Defense does the following:

Cisco Managed Threat Defense (MTD)

Cisco Managed Threat Defense (MTD) Architecture

Cisco Managed Threat Defense (MTD) Comprehensive

Cisco Managed Threat Defense (MTD) High Fidelity Approach


THREAT-GRID is everywhere

Threat-Grid is essential corner-stone of MTD.

It's still the small picture of the big concept. I want to tell you that how Cisco is doing this.

With the collective effort of Cisco Security Solutions and other Non-Cisco Security Solutions, Threat-Grid provides us a robust Security solution against today's advanced attacks.

AMP Threat Grid


Next-Generation Firewalls (ASA) with FirePOWER Services

New series of Adaptive Security Appliance delivers an integrated threat defense for protection across the entire attack continuum— before, during, and after an attack.

Cisco's NextGen firewalls are providing the following advantages to the end-users:

Cisco's Next Generation Firewall 2

In a nutshell, Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services provides the unprecedented Network Visibility:

Advantage of Next Generation Firewall


AMP Everywhere

The Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) provides greater visibility and control to defeat advanced attacks. You get global threat intelligence, advanced sandboxing, and real-time malware blocking to prevent breaches with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). But because you can’t rely on prevention alone, AMP also continuously analyzes file activity across your extended network, so you can quickly detect, contain, and remove advanced malware.

AMP Everywhere Attack Continuum

I was completely sold out by now. Cisco could provide me the strongest security solutions to my all possible security concerns of today. These were so robust to even take care of all likely attacks of future too.

Friends, Information Security is not an option, it is requirement.

Wakeup! Now is the time before it is late.

You are welcome to share with us --

What do you think about CISCO security as presented in this article?




This article is written & published by Ms. Meena, Senior Manager - IT, at Luminis Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, India. She can be reached at Email:  and/or Linkedin: 






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