VMware Workstation Installation easy and graphical Demonstration

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For installation of the VMWare you need the VMware software, which you can download from
https://my.vmware.com/en/web/vmware/downloads , I will demonstrate you how to install the VMware Workstation version 11.1.0

I have VMware Workstation, double click on yours downloaded VMware Workstation software. You will get the installation wizard follow the instructions given below.

Note: The graphics can be different as per the version


VMware Workstation software

Click on the Next button.


You need to select 'I accept the terms in the license agreement' and click on Next.


At this point you will receive two options for the setup, if you want to select the features according to your choice then you can select the Custom option otherwise go for Typical.

Setup Type

VMware Workstation Features

Featured Article Image.

Here you can specify the location of Virtual Machine will be stored automatically. For product updates checking at the time of startup you have choice to select it or not.

Component And Updates

Feedback And Shortcuts

If you have the License Key, please enter it or you can also install without it. Some software also offer the trial version for specific time period, so that you can install as trial.

License Key

You can see that in the information about the installed VMware Workstation, Status: Licensed and Expiration: No expiration, this means that I have entered the License Key.


Now, you can start your software and enjoy the virtuallization in it.

VMware Installed




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