Easy & Error-Free Step-by-step Installation of New GNS3 2.x

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 The developers of the GNS3 bring the major changes in architecture of new Version 2.x. Hereby, the step by step installation of the fantastic major release.

These are the requirements for the installation:

Installation of GNS3 Version 2.x on Windows 10.

Step 1:

Download the GNS3 software from https://www.gns3.com/software

 1 GNS3 2 0 0 software

Double click on the software and then follow the below installation instructions.

GNS3 Version 2.0.0 Setup Wizard

License Agreement GNS3 version 2.0.0

 Start Menu Folder GNS3 2.0.0 shortcuts

WinPcap Version 4.1.3 Setup Wizard

Components GNS3 version 2.0.0

Installation Location GNS3 version 2.0.0

License Agreement WinPcap

WinPcap Installation Finished

 WireShark Installation

 SolarWinds Installation

GNS3 2.0.0 Installation Finished


You can choose any option as per your requirement.


Step 2:

In the Setup Wizard we will configure our GNS3. The IOS images which you will run during the configuration of the topology.

Here you have a choice where do you want to run your GNS3 and IOS images.

GNS3 on Local Server

Local Server Configuration

Local Server Status

Local Server Summary

 New Appliance Template

Server Type

IOS Router Template

IOS Router Template

IOS Image Directory Error


If you will get such error message quit from the Setup Wizard and open the Preferences from the Edit tab of GNS3.

Under the Binary images sub-tab of General Preferences browse or select the folder where you have kept your IOS images.

IOS Image Folder Path

IOS Image Folder

Now, add the IOS images by clicking on New button in the IOS routers, subtab 'IOS routers' of Dynamips.

IOS Router Template Dynamips

IOS Router Serve

Choose IOS Image

You can receive warring message in case of invalid IOS images.

IOS Image Warning

You can click on OK and take the next steps or select the another appropriate IOS image.

IOS Image right selection

IOs image Name And Platform

RAM Allocation


For connecting the devices with each other we need to choose the Network adapter at the specific slot, we can also make these changes later.

Network Adapter Selection


By selecting the correct Idle-PC value, we can prevent the IOS to over use of the CPU processing, and it is really very effective.

Idle PC Finder

Apply the changes and run the New project.

Apply IOS Image Settings

Create New Project

Project Directory

You can observe it clearly; we have our c3600 router, drag the icon of router and create the topology.

Create The Topology

Start the devices

36 Start the console

Console display

In this way, we can configure our GNS3 version 

In the upcoming article you will be able to learn the association between the GNS3 2.0.0 and GNS3 VM.



This article is written & published by Ms. Meena, Senior Manager - IT, at Luminis Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, India. She can be reached at Email:  and/or Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meena1 



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