Learn How to install GNS3 VM and Link With Latest GNS3 2.x

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In the new version 2.0.0 of GNS3, running the GNS3 VM is much easier as compared to the previous versions.
This article will illustrate you: how we can import our GNS3-VM in the VMware Workstation and connect that GNS3-VM to the GNS3.

These steps contain:

  1. Downloading source of the software which will be required for this practical.
  2. Processor for import the GNS3-VM, change the setting of it, and connectivity test from the Windows.
  3. Setup the Local Server in GNS3.
  4. Association of the GNS3-VM with GNS3.


Step 1:

Install the GNS3 version 2.x , and VMware Workstation on your machine.

Download GNS3 Version 2.0.0

Download GNS3 VMware Workstation Version 2.0.0

This is the downloaded GNS3 VM image for VMWare workstation:

Downloaded GNS3 VM

Step 2:

VMware Workstation 11.1.0 and Window 10 is running on my machine, if you are using other version or software the graphics can be different.

In this step we will import the downloaded GNS3 VM,  which is GNS3 VM.ova. In VMware Workstation, from the File menu click on Open

Open the GNS3 VM

Then select the GNS3 VM.ova and click on Open button.

Select the GNS3 VM

Select the storage path for the new GNS3 VM and click on Import.
Note: Be sure that you have enough free space  on your HDD for GNS3-VM, otherwise you may get the error message during installation.

Import GNS3 VM

Power on VM

It is optional, if you want to change the setting of the new VM click on 'Edit Virtual Machine Setting'. Otherwise,  you can skip it and power on the VM. Here, I increased the RAM from 2GB to 8GB and the Processor from 1 to 2.

Setting of VMNow Power on the GNS3 VM.

Changed Setting of VM

Display of GNS3 VM

We can observe that this VM received the IP address ( from the VMware DHCP,

Status of GNS3 VM

We can check the DHCP from where the VM received the IP address. Moreover, if you want to assign IP address as per your choice, change the DHCP network. I kept the same IP address.

Virtual Network Editor

This GNS3 VM is connected with Vmnet1, and having the network address That’s why our VM’s IP address is, which is from the IP Address range.


Test the connectivity from the Command line.

Connectivity Testing of GNS3 VM

Step 3:

Start the GNS3 version, and then from the Help tab click on Setup Wizard.

Setup Wizard of GNS3

Select the Server option 'Run Modern IOS (IOSv or IOU), ASA and appliances from non-Cisco manufacturers' and click on Next


Local Server Configuration on GNS3

In the Local server configuration, whatever the IP address and TCP Port no. which is 3080 we will select now, next time it will use the same combination for running the Local server.

If you will face such type of error select the IP address from the list.

Error Message in binding of Local Server


Error Local Server Startup

Select host binding IP Address

Local server binding

Local Server Validation

Step 4:

From this point we will associate our GNS3 VM with GNS3. Click on Refresh button in case of error.

GNS3 VM Selection

Select the GNS3 VM.

GNS3 VM Selection association

Summary of setup

New Appliance Template

New Blank Project

In the Server Summary, two servers are present, one is Local and another is GNS3 VM. Now, we have both the options for our projects and we can also use our IOS image on Local sever as well as on GNS3 VM.

IOS image can be normal image which we can run on Local and VM, or IOU which we can run only on GNS3 VM. Without the images we cannot create our topology, so that we have to set the IOS images which we want to use.

In this version we can place our IOS image in a folder and just give the path of it, whenever we will add a new  IOS image from the Preferences  automatically all the images in the folder will be appearing in the list.

IOS Images FolderPreferences


IOS Image Folder Path

Select the folder of IOS images.

IOS Image Folder Path

 Add the new IOS images which you want used in your topology.

IOS Router Templates

In the my IOS image folder, I placed only two IOS images, which we can see in the list, this feature is different to the previous versions.

IOS Image Selection

Further steps you can follow from Easy & Error-Free Step-by-step Installation of New GNS3 2.0.0 



This article is written & published by Ms. Meena, Senior Manager - IT, at Luminis Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, India. She can be reached at Email:  and/or Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meena1 



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