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Only HR can change The Game

If your notion is that human resource meet takes place only once in an organization, that you are fundamentally wrong. These meets don’t take place once a year; they take place all the time.


You know there is always a feedback loop operating there. For example, you go and have your HR review and you jot down the 20-top things from that review. Then every quarter you look at what happened to those (20-top) things from review. Do you wait for knowing it till next year review session? Practically, No! Instead you find that there is rhythm every quarter, wherein you ask your HR guys, like—“Did you take Joe out? Did you promote Bill and Lawson? Did you manage to flatten that organization or department we have agreed to? These cycles of question actually manifest a rhythm….That’s a rhythm.

Now you would recognize that even before every meeting in the organization starts, you always have a kind of updating………may be informal updating about your HR review. Please don’t forget that human resource is what makes it all work, rest of all are merely details. So you are always doing that.

The other thing which is quite like a big bug at your bottom is the HR function. Ah…….most companies use the HR function for picnics, newspapers and birthday announcements. It’s insane! It’s insane!

If you are using your HR for the same, you are insane!

It’s like you are involved in football now or just think about if you own a baseball team or football team, then “Would you want to hang around with the head of player personnel or the team accountant?” Think about it! “Whom would you spend your time with?”

“Then why in business, there are CEOs of plenty who like to hang around the boring CFO, rather than a HR person that can change the game? Isn’t it all backwards?

It really is. And you just can’t…

In an interview Jack Welch told--
“I went….I spoke to 4000 HR executives in Mexico and I asked them to raise their hands for—“How many of you are perceived to have a seat or the table… (perceive not even you think so)…perceived by the organization that the seat or the table equal to the CFO?”

I didn’t get 50 hands……out of 4000. It’s tragic. If you are on the GE organization today, there won’t be one person that didn’t think the HR person was more important than the CFO of that particular business.

He noted--

The CFO keeps the score; the HR person puts the players on the field.

And till you get that straight, you’ve got the whole thing backwards.



This article is written & published by Rajneesh Kumar, General Manager at Luminis Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, India. He can be reached at Email:  and/or Linkedin: https://in.linkedin.com/in/rajneeshkumar1 

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