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Information Security

Implementation of top-quality Information security is like playing high-stake game of chess where a smart strategy and the right technology along with an unwavering focus on adversaries is must. Being a company-stalwart, you need to recognize that both the game and the opponents in the game are constantly changing and you would be required to play by new rules and bring much advanced skills and strategy.

Achieving the right information security within the enterprise is becoming almost impossible for most of the companies and organizations. Because there is constant shift in rules of information security and opponents are now armed with more sophisticated technology skills, and the risks are greater than ever

Last few years of global economic downturn further added to the gravity. While today, the threat landscape is rapidly evolving, businesses are clearly falling behind as their defenses have weakened and their information security practices have become dulled by longer periods of tighter-budgets and truncated information security projects. But at the same time, their adversaries are becoming ever more sophisticated, routinely breaching the defenses of business ecosystems and leaving many companies with huge reputational, financial, and competitive damages in their wake. People who know it also know that: The bad guys appear to be leading the game.

Before embarking upon what it takes to achieve right information security, we can candidly state that risks are neither well-understood nor properly addressed by even the companies who think of themselves being the 'front-runner' in terms of information security strategy and execution. And the odds are heavily stacked against them. Too often—and for too many organizations—diminished budgets have resulted in degraded security programs.

The number of security incidents is on the rise. Given today's elevated threat environment, businesses can no longer afford to play a game of chance. They must prepare to play a new game, one that requires advanced levels of skill and strategy to win.


Snapshot of current information security scenario

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