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Academic Excellence is the Biggest Lie of Higher Education

Academic Excellence Lie - Thumb


Our governments may sometime accept that they have done poor job for education. They may accept that they successively haven’t been able to nurture quality education system for their country. Do our education systems ever accept that they have done poor job of education? Never!

You may guess that there won’t be even 5% of business leaders who 'strongly agree' that today's graduates have the skills and competencies that their businesses need. On the contrary of it, if you will ask, more than 95% of chief academic officers of colleges and universities would say that they were 'extremely confident or somewhat confident' in their institution's ability to prepare students for work-force success.

This is where the plateau of bigger lies of higher education emerges.

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DACUM: Incorporating Industry-Requirements into Training Curriculum

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What is DACUM (day-kum)?

DACUM (Developing A Curriculum) is a quick yet highly valid job analysis technique. The DACUM process is used to determine the competencies that should be addressed in a training curriculum for a specific occupation. DACUMs are used to develop job profiles for all types of occupations, including top-level managers and specialized jobs. This cost-effective and efficient technique has been validated through research and compares very positively with other job analysis methods.

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India’s Education System: A Strict Adherence to Western Doctrines

The academic fraternity in India is loudly expressing its sincere views over social media, about the importance of education, and about--how to deliver the better education so as to prepare students of India to face the challenges of 21st century. Though you will find that the whole issue and underlying issues they are trying to decipher, no doubt are strong indicators of the heart-felt dissonance & chronic frustration among the academic fraternity in India. We believe that their expressions in social media threads & discussions are just the tip of ice-berg.

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The Plight of Higher Education in India : A Deeper Perspective

In the previous article, we have presented the other side of : Why students are not Industry-ready? The search of answers to this question seems never ending. Though the question is indeed very interesting and important in a way, arriving at conclusive thoughts is nowhere near easy. There would be a consensus about the question itself. The attempt to dig deeper, would point towards, "If students in India are not industry-ready & job-ready, then who is the culprit for the problems therein?"

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Why Students Are Not Industry-Ready? Is Everything OK with Industry?

You would sound very familiar with the observations made by industry with regard to the preparedness of modern students for jobs in the industry. It's been quite a fashion for industry-representatives to echo negative sentiments similar to this, more often than not stating that today's students are not 'industry-ready'. But do you know what happens when we confront INDUSTRY PEOPLE with a direct question of – What parameters they have employed to reach this universal judgement?

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