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Online Marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years. Almost each business company has already jumped on the bandwagon of social media marketing, but only few could achieve the social media results they desired and needed. REASON : most companies have not been able to accelerate the learning curve and implementation.

Companies need to develop real-time customer insights, engage audiences and better understand their customers and the market. Companies need to fully realize that new technologies from social media and mobile communications, richer digital media devices and the advent of natural user-interfaces, collectively, are transforming-- how and where consumers and business users are actually interacting with their content – and therefore how and where marketers can better connect with their target customers.

As social media is evolving, companies are recognizing its many uses such as strengthening and growing customer loyalty, promoting product lines, building their brand or keeping a pulse on their business.


Key Challenges

There is absolute no doubt, digital marketing today has become a top-most concern for marketing everywhere. To survive in these times, companies must make a stronger commitment to their digital marketing efforts and make renewed investment in technology and innovation, foster deeper partnerships with their customers, employees, vendors, suppliers etc. They must take a holistic & integrated approach to customer-centric data. They need to become highly flexible, more adaptive and hugely responsive, if they intended to win their customers. They must realize that the success of their digital marketing solely depends on:

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