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How to use WireShark in GNS3? A Step-by-step Demonstration

Objectives Of  Visual Guide

This guide will provide you the easy demonstration of how to use the 'WireShark' network traffic analyzer in GNS3, and after completing all the steps you will be able to use WireShark.

Step 1

 Install the GNS3 software, it is a free network simulation software, which you can download from this link https://www.gns3.com/software/download

I am using 1.4.6 version.


Step 2

In GNS3, we need real IOS images. With the help of Preferences, we can set which device we will in our topology and we need the IOS image for those devices.


Step 3

select the IOS image.

IOS Router Templates

New IOS Router Templates

IOS Image

We should have the IOS image.

Select an IOS Image

IOS Image selected

IOS Image Name Platform

Step 4

Select the type of interfaces under the specific slot.

Network adapters selection

Network adapters selection ethernet

Network adapters selection Serial

Network adapters selection finish

Idle PC

Step 5

Save the IOS image templates setting

IOS Router Templates finish

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Step 6

Drag the devices and design the topology.

Topology Creation

Change the symbol

connect the devices

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Step 7

Start the devices.

Start the devices

Step 8

Start the console for configuration of the devices.

Run the Console


Step 9

Assign the IPv6 address on the interface and start the IPv6 routing on R1

commands on R1

Step 10

Start the console of PC and configure IPv6 address on interface.

commands on PC

Step 11

Right click on R1 and click on capture, this will start the WireShark.

Packet Capture via WireShark

Packet Capture Interface

Step 12

Lot of packets will pass through the interface, but we will capture only IPv6 traffic.

IPv6 Filter in packet capturing

Step 13

From PC run the ping command for R1.

ping command from PC

WireShark Packet Capture

Full explaination of these packets are one click away,  

How Does ICMP Work in IPv6? - A Practical Demonstration

In this way we can start the packet capturing via WireShark.

Please share you insights about Neighbor Discovery in IPv6 also with the us.

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This article is written & published by Ms. Meena, Senior Manager - IT, at Luminis Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, India. She can be reached at Email:  and/or Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meena1 

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